Based on its approved memorandum of understanding, OWhN is governed by the nine member organizations of the network with Yellowhawk Tribal Health serving as the lead agency. Decisions regarding projects including training, use of funds, and appointment of sub-committees and work groups are made by the network membership during bi-monthly meetings. As the lead agency for the network, Yellowhawk has been delegated authority by the other member organizations to schedule meetings, administer grants and contracts, supervise staff hired for approved projects, and coordinate media and public relations.

The member organizations of OWhN have agreed to establish by-laws for the organization by April 30, 2018. Selection of Network’s Chairperson is be completed during the second year of the network’s outreach grant or by 4/30/17. This governance structure has worked for OwhN. However, the need to establish a formal organizational structure for the network is an established goals and is a high priority of all members.