OWhN Initiatives

  1. Chronic Disease Management
  • Implementation of evidence based practices for chronic diseases
  • Heart disease community education
  • Heart Disease and cancer coaching
  • Cancer Prevention, Screening, and Treatment
  • Implement recommendations of OWhN Cancer Intervention Plan
  1. Health Professions Recruitment
  • Initiation of residency programs with OHSU
  • Training of OHSU Nurse Practitioners, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners
  • Development of training programs with BMCC
  • Establishing social work placements to implement value based care
  • Increase the number of preceptors in the network’s service area
  1. Training of Network Members and Collaborators
  • Expand training on Evidence Based Practices
  • Host Cultural Sensitivity training in Union County
  • Arrange training on evaluation and outcome measures
  • Provide training of Value Based Care
  1. Establish regional telemedicine network
  • Establish collaborative telemedicine network of hospitals, YTHC, Counties
  • Arrange contracts with regional providers including transfer center services
  • Train users and IT support on use of equipment
  • Arrange training for network members using the network
  • Determine billing procedures and management agreements with partners
  • Document use and evaluate impacts of telemedicine program
  1. Work to achieve expanded access to quality mental health services
  • Implement Evidenced Based Depression screening across the network
  • Support crisis teams used in Umatilla County
  • Assess status of crisis mental health in Union, Morrow, and Walla Walla Counties; develop a regional plan for expanding/improving services
  • Expand evaluation of school based mental health services to include all Oregon Counties; develop action plan to improve services
  • Work with providers to expanded access to substance abuse treatment, and address domestic abuse.
  1. Develop the network’s organizational structure and plan for long range operation and sustainability
  • Draft and approve by-laws for the network
  • Complete a network sustainability plan including long range funding