Based on its approved memorandum of understanding, OWhN is governed by the ten members of the network. Decisions regarding projects including training, use of funds, and appointment of officers and sub-committees are made by the full membership during quarterly meetings.

On February 21st, 2018, OWhN selected its first officers. They are: Jim Wallis, Chairperson, Sheree Smith, Vice Chairperson, and Harry Geller, Secretary-Treasurer. Jim Wallis is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center. Sheree is the Executive Director of the Morrow County Health Department. Harry Geller is the President of CHI St. Anthony Hospital of Pendleton. All of these officers of OWhN will serve two year terms.

As of 4/1/18, the Oregon Washington health Network is in the process of applying for state and Federal non-profit status. This will include development and approval of organizational by-laws and other legally required documents.